Basic Maintenance Workshops

We have found, since starting on this journey, the lack of basic knowledge is widespread. This urged us, as part of our educating our customers, to start running basic car maintenance workshops.


These workshops are aimed at anyone who wants to understand what goes on under the bonnet, from P platers to people who have owned a car for years but always relied on others to change a tyre or check their oil.

These workshops run for 2 hours and consist of-

  • How to change a tyre
  • Checking and topping up oil, coolant and other fluids
  • checking the health of your battery
  • How to change light bulbs and wipers

Where and When

Our workshops will be held in several locations around the Bayside area. We will be setting up events on Facebook to alert our customers to when the next workshop will be held or you can go to our booking page and see which location and date suits you. If you would like us to come to you for a group workshop please contact us on checkyourengine@braesideautomotive.com.au


Group Sizes

So that we can offer one to one assistance during the workshops, we are keeping the groups small. This gives the instructor time to spend with everyone individually. We have found that 10 people per workshop makes it possible for everyone to ask all the questions you need.


At $30 per head, which is small change for the knowledge you will drive away with. For group discounts contact us on checkyourengine@braesideautomotive.com.au


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