Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a major and a minor service?

A minor service primarily involves changing your oil & oil filter, checking and topping up all other fluids ( eg coolant, brake fluid etc), a 94 point safety check and injector cleaner. Generally, for a small car you are looking at around $190. A major service - depending on what is needed is more expensive due to more parts being replaced and can include changing your air filter, cabin ( pollen filter), spark plugs and can start round the $220. It also depends on how many kms are on the clock as each model car has slightly different major service guidelines.

If the service only takes a couple of hours why do you need the car all day?

The time quoted for the job is the time spent on the vehicle. If we find something that needs fixing whilst we are doing the checks, we will not proceed without the customers say so. Once we have spoken to the customer, we then need to order in parts which can then take time for parts to arrive. As a small workshop we are limited in the amount of stock we can keep on the premises and some parts need to come from specialist suppliers. If this is the case for the first car of the day, this slows down the rest of the cars waiting for their service. We know this is a slower process but we find it is worth it to keep customers happy knowing what is being done to their car.

How can the same job on different cars be so different in cost?

Prices for parts can vary dramatically from car to car. A headlight replacement for one car can cost $5 and another $100. This is just the price of the bulb itself. The other part of any job is the labour. On most cars, a waterpump replacement can take up to 8 hrs because you need to take half the car apart to access and replace the pump. There are a few models that have the pump on the side of the engine making it easy to change and cutting labour down to about 1-2 hrs.

Are you open on Saturdays?

We are open by appointment on Saturdays and we only take services. Saturdays are half days for all our suppliers so if we find, half way through a major job, that we need to replace an unexpected part we have to hope all problems are found before midday or we are unable to finish the job that day. If we keep it to just services, we can order the parts we know beforehand and still have time by the end of the 94 point check to order anything else we may need.

When should I get my timimg belt changed?

The lifespan of a timing belt is about 100000kms, they may last longer but we can never promise how long so it is recommended this is done every 100000kms. If your belt breaks the damage done to your engine means a new engine as the only repair.